Watershed Development Project

NABARD Springshed based watershed development project at Sanjabung

Dry Land Bench Terrace

After successfully conducted need based capacity building tracings to the beneficiaries, at three different villages to impart vast knowledge of the upcoming programs, implementation of activities begin eventually.

In hilly areas, cultivation of horticultural crops under bench terracing method conserves soil, moisture and reduces nutrient loss and increase the yield. Hence dry Land bench terracing is an important activity not only to prevent soil erosion but to yield also.

Brush Wood Dam

Brushwood check dams are made of posts and brush are places across the gully. The main objective of Brush wood Dam is to hold fine materiel carried by flowing water in the gully. Small gully heads, no deeper than one meter, can also be stabilized by brushwood check dams.

Staggered Contour Trench

Staggered contour trench technique is useful in slowing surface water run –off and soil erosion from sloping land,and in re-vegetating degraded land. This technique reduces surface water flow velocity, promote infiltration, and prevent pollutants from draining into water bodies. A contour trenching is excavated trench along contour line increases retention of runoff for a longer period within the trench and significant reduction in soil erosion.

Collection Chamber

Collection chamber is is provided either at the intake or near the intake site to collect the water from one of more sources. It breaks the incoming water pressure into atmospheric pressure which prevents the backflow of water from one source to another. Under spring shed project of NABARD, such collection chamber is used to collect water that came from spring.

Outlet Tank

The outlet is where the water leaves the storage container to go to the point –of-use. The water will be drained from the bottom. This is acceptable as long as it is at least 4 inches from the bottom to avoid draining sediment.

Gabion Type Check Dam

This dam is [used for velocity reduction and erosion prevention in areas where concentrated flows exist. This dam is used to slow the velocity of concentrated runoff to stabilize slopes with seepage problems and /or non- cohesive soils. Gabion check dams are built in gullies to create a sedimentation bench that decrease the average upstream slope. The consequent slowing down of the flowing water reduces soil loss upstream and trapped sediment in reservoirs, and promotes water infiltration into the soil.

Earthen Dug Out Pond

Earthen dug out pond is specially design for the harvesting of rain water during rainy season.Then when dry season arrives, water became spreading nearby foreast area where there are multiples of horticulture plants. Thus the dug out ponds serve as distributor of water during dry season .Such cycle of storing and spreading of water the sole target of earthen dug out pond.Such techniques gives adequate water to the plants.