Entrepreneur loan

During the decade more experience in Micro finance SEVA- Manipur has come across many groups
with high potential failed. The failure of such groups often resulted from differences between the
group members. Even after the group fell apart there are those member of the group who is
willing to continue the enterprise at a micro or medium scale. They often continue to operate the
enterprise at propriety level and eventually unable to maintain stead growth and production due
to lack of fund and improper management. Over the years SEVA had to bid farewell to those
responsible and enterprising individuals when the group defunct. To support such individuals
SEVA introduce Entrepreneur loans.

This loan product was introduce to support those who have the capacity and willingness to
develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a
profit but lack means to avail micro venture loan. The activity of the individuals and responsibility
bore during their time in the group and post dissolving of the group is closely monitored before
availing of this loan. The recommendation of such individuals usually received from SEVA’s staff
who works closely with these member groups when the group was active. The chosen individuals
are also train in proper book keeping and management skills.​

The rate of interest is kept at a bare minimum of 24% PA to ease the burden on the individuals
while embarking on their endeavor. The loan amount range from Rs.30,00 to Rs.100,000 and is
given in phases and the EMIs tenure is calculated accordingly. SEVA strives to support and guide
enterprising entrepreneurs with the aim to eradicate unemployment face by the population today.

​SEVA understand that supporting the Entrepreneur help creates employment through enabling
capable and responsible person build successful enterprises.