BPL Education Support Loan

Since a few back the academic expenditure in the state has become so high that many parents are
facing financial problem in meeting the academic expenses of their wards. This is mainly because
of the failure in state government run schools. Taking opportunity of it many privately run schools
started to established with no signs of stopping in the near future. But except a few almost all such
schools are established with business motive rather than academic motive are obvious though
attracts students through materialistic approach. Naturally the expenses to pursue higher study in
these schools become so huge that it effects both the students as well as the parents mainly the
poor and marginal families.

SEVA in its effort to extend a viable solution for extending financial assistance towards the poor

but bright students so that they are not drop out and can continue
further study initiated the innovative BPL Education Loan for the students reading in Class-I to
Class XII. The education loan is provided to a maximum of two wards per borrower. The students
applying for this support should score a minimum of 50% and above marks in aggregate during
the last examination appeared. Students of Class-I to X can avail of Rs.7,000/- only and students of
ClassX – XII Rs. 12,000/- only per student. The interest of the loan product is as low as much as 5-
6.5% p.a. during the preceding phases. This loan product was inaugurated on the 2nd March,2014
at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace Compound, imphal With Shri Th. Chaoba singh, President, Bharatiya
Janata Party, Manipur Pradesh as the Chief Guest of the inaugural function.

​​During the initiation stage a hundred students were targeted but due to demand of the
community eighteen additional students were included above the target and total of hundred and
eighteen students were extended with the loan support. Seeing the popularity of the loan support
a hundred students were again targeted during the next academic session. Therefore, since the
initiation of the BPL Education loan altogether 376 students have availed this loan support. The
loan product as a whole is a great success in the state due its quality of easily accessible, hassle
free, low interest, easily repayable on equated monthly installments and minimum pricing etc.