Received an Appreciation Certificate
A delightful moment between the CEO Dr. Khundrakpam Chinglen Singh of SEVA Manipur and the Medical Officer Dr. Konsam Surjit Singh while receiving the appreciation certificate from JNIMS in regards to appreciate the voluntary blood donation camp from SEVA, Manipur.

Awareness Speech given by Dr. Konsam Surjit, Medical Officer, Blood Bank & Transfusion Unit JNIMS, Porompat.

Awareness Speech given by Dr. Khundrakpam Chinglen Singh, CEO, SEVA Manipur on Blood Donation Day at JNIMS, Porompat.

Audience participating blood donation camp.

Medical Checkup before Voluntarily donating blood.

An altruistic donor who gives blood freely and willingly without money or any other form of payment

​Voluntary Blood Donation Camp

On September 25th, 2019, 4th Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organize at Blood Bank & Transfusion Unit,JNIMS(Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Science). The blood donation camp was participated by more than 70th Voluntary Donors including the staffs of SEVA- Manipur, Members of different SHGs & JLGs, other stakeholders,volunteers and well wishers. A collar badge with blood donation emblem enclave on it was presented to the donors as a token of appreciation. Light refreshments were also provided to the donors. Certificates of appreciation were also distributed to the voluntary blood donors.
The team of SEVA never underestimated the shortage of blood for transfusion purpose currently facing in the state. Therefore in order to contribute what it can do for the cause of the society will be organizing periodical and regular voluntary blood donation camps @ twice a year probably in relation to Jana Neta Hijam Irabot Memorial Day observation and Annual Meet of SEVA-Manipur. He also urged the general population to create and generate awareness on the benefits of blood donation and clear the misconception regarding blood donation.

Awareness Camp on Women Health and Hygiene

An awareness camp on One Day Women Health and Hygiene was conducted at Vocational Guide School Sangaithel Village on 21st August 2019. The camp aims to demonstrate the importance of maintaining good personal and menstrual hygiene and illustrate the importance of comprehensive cleaning to maintain a good health and better personality in a certain society. Personal Hygiene is important for many reasons, for instant, to have better personality, good health, for social reasons and for psychological issues. So to keep ourselves socially, mentally, and physically healthy it is important to be dirt free and should maintain a hygienic lifestyle. Total 80 girl’s student participated in the camp.


• Awareness among broader about the importance of Personal and Menstrual hygiene.

• Demonstrate the social importance of personal hygiene to maintain a hygienic lifestyle.

• Encourage the participants to take responsibility of their health and cleanness in a friendly environment to remain mentally, physically and socially healthy.

• Teach the attendees how to take care of hand, body, tooth, foot and cloth’s hygiene in day to day life and during menstruation period.