SEVA felt the need to set up a Nursery Plantation cum Demonstration Unit at Toubul GP in Bishnupur District of Manipur state in order to sensitize the farmers of the area towards practicing of new technology and up dated farming practices instead of sticking to age old traditional farming practices still seen in the area. The farmers of the area has long been sticking to the traditional farming style adopted since ages back and tendency of uncertainty and fear psychosis of shredding and adaptation to new farming technology can be observed. The age long habit cannot be shredded through a mere lip service.

The need to be shown practically and setting up of a living example was to need of the hour. SEVA believed that, if there exist a nursery plantation cum demonstration unit where new technology farming method can be adopted and demonstrate its advantages in comparison to the traditional method of farming, the difference between the two farming methods can be easily observed first hand by the farmers both in quantity and quality of the products. Thus the farmers will be easy to sensitized and motivated towards scientific farming method.
On the other hand, the farmers are also having a tough time in getting high quality and high yielding seeds and nurseries according to their choice of growing vegetables and crops. They have to travel long distances, have to wait for a long period of time and spend more to get such quality seeds and nurseries. Even such hardly availed materials are also not guaranteed and have to experience in their own. SEVA by developing the unit will be able to produce and supply in subsidized rate the required seeds and nursery plants to the farmers and in such they will save time, energy as well as expenditure in their farming practices.

Not only the farming practice of the farmers will be enhanced but it will generate sustainability to the unit. Once the initial investment is completed and the seeds and nursery plants are produced, the unit will generate income through selling and promoting of High quality and yielding seeds and nursery plants of various different vegetables and crops to the local as well as farmers of surrounding areas. They can be promoted to the farmers all over the state once the quality is maintained. Thus the nursery cum demonstration unit will become self sustainable while serving the needs of the farmers specially the small and marginal farmers.