Relief and monetary help to COVID-19 pandemic affected people

Amidst the increasing number of Covid-19 cases in the India, Manipur’s reported its first Corona Virus-positive case on 24thMarch,2020, a 23-year-old girl from Thangmeiband, Imphal west has been identified as the first confirmed case of the novel Coronavirus in Manipur. With a travel history to UK returning on 23rd March, 2020 in Manipur was treated at JNIMS and successfully cured of the virus. Due to the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19, Central Govt. has imposed nationwide lockdown from 23rd March, 2020. SEVA- Manipur has taken up the initiative to fight against this disease right from the Phase 1.0 lockdown by circulating a brief awareness handout, Video cum audio clips in regional language to clients and other near and dear one as a part of awareness drive in collaboration with our partner FWWB-I, Ahmedabad. Nationwide lockdown has a great impact on everyone life, most affected person are those who earn their livelihood on daily wages basis. The organization has actively participated by providing various Relief Aid to our clients as well as to those people who are severely affected by the current lockdown. 

The nationwide lockdown has been imposed and extended Phase by phase, right starting from 1.0
phase to 4.0 phase SEVA extended Monetary help and Relief Aid of essential grocery items to various people of different district in Manipur. Till phase 4.0 of lockdown total 71 positive cases of COVID-19 has been confirm in different district of Manipur. SEVA-Manipur has taken up a UNDP Project for stitching Double layer Cotton Cloth Mask as an initiative to support livelihood of the entrepreneur clients of our organization. The organization has also distributed Double layer Cotton Cloth mask and hand sanitizer to our SHGs clients and Frontline workers of the state. SEVA-Manipur will continue its services and will actively involved in taking up various activities time to time to combat against the fight of COVID-19.

Awareness Drive on COVID-19

SEVA, Manipur stand for the fight against Corona Virus (COVID-19) Staffs and animators has given awareness from Home through digital portal such as facebook , watsaap, instagram etc to atleast 5 people a day it may be either our clients or our dear and near ones for everyday since it is the foremost duty for all of us in such an alarming situation like this and also kindly share the list of people time to time to whom the awareness were given. Considering the Pandemic situation of COVID-19 following directives are needed to be follow strictly by SEVA Team including animators.

1) Distant of 1m/3 Foot should be maintained while conversing with Clients.

2) Wash your Hand often with soap for at least 20 second/ sanitized your hand often with sanitizer.

3) Handles of Vehicles should be sanitized with any disinfectant like detol/ savlon etc.

4) Ensure to clean and sanitized your work area/table with any disinfectant.

5) Mobile phone should also be sanitized often.

6) Give more emphasis on Cashless collection.

7) Staffs dealing with Cash should often sanitize his/ her hand often as soon as you receive the cash

SEVA HUMANITY SERVICE On Manipur Communal Conflict

Peoples of Manipur are facing communal conflict which is between Kukis and Meiteis from the past few days. This conflict is started from Churachanpur and spread in many parts of hills area. On this conflict, those Meiteis who used to stayed in hills areas come running from home for life leaving everything behind as their houses were burned down by the Kukis.

They seek for help in many places where they will be safe and took shelter there. Relief camp were opened at many parts of local clubs and  many peoples had contributed and donated to the victims like clothes to wear, foods to eat, daily essentials, medicines,  etc..

During this conflict, SEVA HUMANITY SERVICE also donated many items like rice, potato, onion, dal, salt, oil, mosquito net, mattress, blankets, pillows, buckets, sanitary pads, baby diaper, clothes etc. And this program of contributing and donating to the victims who where staying in many relief camp was taken initiative by SEVA-MANIPUR.

On 8th of May 2023, SEVA HUMANITY SERVICE went to relief camp that were opened at Progressive Youth Organization, Khundrakpam Makha Leikai and donated 1bag of rice, 1 bag of potato, 10kg onion, 30kg dal, 6 packet of salt and 6 litres oil. And also to Northern Student’s Club, Khundrakpam, we donate 1 bag of potato, 6 litres oil, 1 bag of onion and 1 bag of rice.

On 15th of May 2023, SEVA HUMANITY SERVICE went to relief camp opened at Mangolnganbi college and donate many items. Many Meiteis from different areas of Churachandpur like Jouveng Khuga Tampak, Saikot Kananveng, Tuibong Zionveng, Phougakchou Ikai Mamang Leikai, Phougakchou Ikai Maning Leikai, Khumujamba Meietei Leikai, Thingkangphai Ccpur, Torbung Sabal Mamang Leikai, Haotak Thinungei and Ccpur New Bazar. And also to relief camp of FANCA Chaudpur where Meieteis from Zionveng Ccpur, Khuga Meitei Leikai Ccpur, Thengra Ccpur, Khuga Meietei Christain Leikai and Khumujamba Meitei Leikai.

On 30th of May 2023, we donate 10 numbers of mosquito net, 5 numbers of mattress, 10 numbers of blankets, 10 numbers of pillows and 10 numbers of bucket to Karkinos Cancer Health Pvt Ltd and 3000 numbers of sanitary pads, 1500 numbers of baby diaper and clothes to 5 relief camp under Bishnupur District.

We believe helping each other when the time of crisis or someone’s difficult time will grow in mentally good, peaceful, safe amongst humans. We hope and pray this communal conflicts will never happen again in future.

Distribution of Free Solar Lamps to the Affected Clients on Manipur Conflict

Distribution of Free Solar Lamps to the Affected Clients due to the ongoing communal conflicts in the Manipur. These solar lamps were donated by FWWB, India(Friends of Women’s World Banking, India) Ghandhigram, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In Collaboration with SEVA-MANIPUR(Self Employment Voluntary Association, MANIPUR) North Babupara, Imphal-West District,Manipur at Seva Mini Conference Hall on 16th of August,2023……