o To raise fund by way of Loans/Grant, Subsidy from the State and Central Govt. Foreign Funding Agency NRI, DONOR, any Commercial Bank and approved funding agency, Financial Institution and to formation of Poor Women SHG/JLG in the Rural and Urban areas. The organization provides loan lending to SHG/JLG and individual etc.

o To run and maintain Education Institutions from pre-school stage up to higher level with inclusion of vocational trades and job oriented streams and to establish and run youth (Girls & Boys) Hostel in feasible places and to provide adequate facilities in the field of vocational and physical education.

o To raise, reserve or special fund for any purposes which the Organization deemed it expedient and to receive donation, ascription, gifts in cash or in kind of movable or immovable.

o To set up Agricultural, Horticulture, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry programmes and seed farms for demonstration cum production by applying modern scientific methods and food processing, fruit juice crushing squash. Production Industries and Training Centre including preservation thereof if necessary by construction of cold storage etc.

o To take up tree plantation programmes in the hill and valley region under the social forestry and plantation crops in order to ameliorate the social economy.

o To undertake the implementation of rural water supply by constructing reservoir preferably minor for storage of rain water, lowest housing minor irrigation and communication programmes as may be entrusted by the Government or any other authority from time to time.

o To undertake programmes or for the welfare of rehabilitation centre of Alcoholism and drug abuse person’s provide adequate facilities service for the man’s, women’s and children’s and maintain centre for de-addiction, counseling and rehabilitation of drug addicts and to promote voluntary acceptance of the small family norms through family welfare programmes to take Yoga and AYUSH, Home Treatment Centre and Health Care Centre Service etc.

o To organize awareness programme, seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences for Human Rights and work camps, exhibitions, study tours, excursions for accelerating the work on rural and urban development.

o To construct a building for the use of its members and trainees of the industries and to organized and establish village industries which are acceptable to Khadi and village Industries Commission and for providing the knowledge of such industries and employment to the members and others.

o To take up population and environment education programmes for general masses.

o To take up different schemes of computer, Embroidery, Weaving, Knitting, Tailoring, Cutting, Craft centre, Hostel/School, Typewriting Shorthand Video T.V., Audio, Screen printing, Press Printing, Shoe making and Leather production and training for S.T., S.C.and O.B.C. and other economically backward classes below poverty line and to conduct and impart training of rural artisans and landless labourers.

o To provide housing loan to the needy people particularly to economically weaker section and lower income group in the rural and urban area and to provide housing complex/Flat/Apartment to the needy people.

o To establish for street Children Programmes, National Children Fund Scheme, Working Women’s Hostel, Short Stay Home, Sawadhar Home, Ujjawala Centre and Training of Employment and income generating production unit for women, education work for prevention of atrocities on women.

o To establish for foster care/adoption service for aged home, mobile medical service for the aged person. Construction for building/extension of existing building for aged home supporting and strengthening non-institutional services for the aged.

o To establish special school for physically challenged children, Pre-examination for rehabilitation service to the mentally ill person and vocational training for physically challenged, Rehabilitation of women children and to provide adequate facilities and service for the welfare of Physically or Mentally challenged person for purchase/fitting of aid and appliances, comprehensive rehabilitation service for the disabled person.

o To take up programmes relating to promote youth affairs and sport’s behavior, education, moral classes with special emphasis to adolescent girls and boys to establish different parts of the sports complex area, Sport Indoor Stadium and Outdoor Stadium.

o To establish water supply scheme to any part of the area, water preservation tank and rain water stock/ preservation schemes, different types of water source schemes in urban and rural areas.

o To arrange and establish, residential school and non-residential school/Worker’s training centre for voluntary activities/ Training on agriculture and allied subject for O.B.C. /S.T./S.C. and Muslim are the eligible scheme in the rural & urban areas.

o To establish adoption homes for infants (0-6) years and destitute children home for destitute and Orphans with special emphasis to girl child.

o To establish adaptations child labour, education programme for school and victim of child labour and their families and to take up programmes against child labour and abuses welfare of street and working children, Juvenile Home, HIV/AIDS infected child and Women Shelter Home and to work for upgrading overall of children by addressing the child’s right and to promote the health status of the masses by taking up programmes like reproductive and child health and regular health awareness camps.

o To implement eligible scheme in the rural and urban areas.

o To set up sericulture farmers for the demonstration cum production centre by applying modern scientific method industries and training centre etc.

o To extend charitable help to the people during the time of natural calamities and outbreak of epidemics.